“Following 10 years in rented accommodation, we never believed that we would be in a position to secure again a house of our own, certainly not for the foreseeable future. Steve Beckett changed that. We collected our keys to our new home this week, and are incredibly thrilled, and more than anything very grateful to Steve, we would not have done this without Steve, we are quite sure on that.


Steve was recommended to us, and we didn’t know what to expect from a financial advisor other than to provide mortgage advice.


Steve took over the entire process for us, requesting all the information from us to look at the best options available, kept us updated on a daily basis, he was incredibly thorough and dedicated. We are sure that due to Steve’s expertise, and knowledge of many lenders and their criteria, plus Steve must have many clients at any one given time, he really did make us feel like his whole attention was on us to try to secure us a mortgage.


Steve kept our spirits up, reassured us, was very positive, incredibly supportive, and open and honest.


We have also used Steve to arrange our building and life insurance cover as we trust him in securing the best cover available to us.


We cannot thank Steve enough, and would highly recommend his expertise, and immense support.“
Customer Feedback: Julie & Steve in Accrington

Many thanks for the feedback, it is always very encouraging when our work is appreciated and great to see another customer get a good deal.

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